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Closed Down Decision-Making Approach

Closed Down Decision Making reflects that we are afraid to make choices for fear that we will be wrong. We attempt to keep everything under control by avoiding decisions. This is why we are reluctant to speak our Truth or state what we want. In the past, whenever we shared these things, others may have interfered. As a result, we play everything close to the vest and attempt to hide our true position. This makes it difficult for others to interact with us in any kind of Decision Making process. We are also afraid of people attempting to categorize or summarize our circumstances, even if they could explain why we are closed down, it wouldn’t change much. Being Closed Down is an Instinctive process where we either do things completely on our own or do things with others that we don’t care about (where we go along with them). Closed Down individuals possess no true Autonomy.Closed Down Decision Making is amplified by a Distant Defense Style, Switchable Pacing, Survival or Safety and Security WorldView.

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