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Transpersonal Alignment

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Level 5: Co-Embodiment

On Level 5, CNG is engaged when we automatically calibrate to our Energy, Time and Space availability, where we are able to determine the availability of our partner on each of these levels. This means we do not automatically create a CNG when we do not have the energy to deal with a situation. Perhaps our partner, who has the energy, could step up and create the CNG for us both. If we do not have the time and feel pressured by circumstances, it is not good to talk to others who are also pressured by time issues. One of the biggest reactions that occur is when we assume our partner should accommodate our needs without first asking if they are willing or able to do so. The same is true for Spatial needs, that have to do with either partner expressing their Emotions. To have Co-Embodiment, we need to be in agreement to work together and support each other if a partner’s Time, Energy and Space is out of balance. Co-Embodiment suggests that we speak to our perceptions of where our partner is in the moment before becoming embroiled in a discussion.

This type of Co-Measured Creativity is what defines Co-Embodiment opportunities. When a partner steps up to support us by holding a CNG, either partially or completely, the purpose is to be of service to us. We naturally return the favor when they are not doing as well. Whenever there is a breakdown and argument, it temporarily dislocates the nature of the relationship and we need to apologize and restore the trust lost before continuing. This usually requires talking about what was learned and how important it is to pay attention to new things. This establishes a problem resolution process that changes the awareness of both parties. A paradox of this process is that this type of Awareness creates more stability than they had in previous relationships, even though the relationship itself is completely unpredictable.

Speaking up is the way we differentiate the people to whom we are aligned from those with whom we are not. Their response to who we are is either real or not. When we take an inclusive stand (and not a defensive position), it attracts others who are naturally aligned with us. The way to amplify this natural attraction is to hold a CNG and be receptive to the Truth of others. What we want to accomplish is to build balanced, complete relationships where we can explore deeper similarities. This process creates the foundation of conscious, committed partnership. What makes these relationships strong is that each person takes responsibility for expressing their Truth as soon as they know it. If there is no alignment, or a partner is compromised in their Autonomy, it is best to know this quickly. Otherwise, we could become attached and compromised in our own Creative Expression by remaining committed to them.

When we are authentically embodied in our Creative Nature, we naturally seek out others who are at the same level. The first thing we observe is to what degree they respond to who we are. While many individuals lack congruent ways to meet us, others are naturally aligned and synergistic without any effort. These individuals can initially be scary, forcing us to love ourselves more; they can see through our Facades, Pretenses, Defenses or inauthentic ways of being. The benefit of engaging these individuals is that we grow and mature faster as contributors in the world. The obstacle is that the more they are aligned to us, the more they can impact us in ways that may not always be the best. For example, if a potential partner had a fear of stepping out and being found out, and we inadvertently triggered that, we might feel blasted by their reaction. Ironically, because we do not have as many Pretenses, Defenses and Distortions and we are open to people who are similar to us, we could be more impacted by these reactions. The benefit is that we would know what was going on between us and would be able to see through any attempt to cover it up.

Our true legacy is whom we have touched or transformed. When individuals receive these benefits and seek to pay them forward it creates a chain of impenetrable spirit. It is a Creative Unity where, like a pebble dropped into a pool of water, waves ripple outward. This Unity becomes an inner Light, which is reflected and increases our ability to Love. This Love is creative in nature and based on real contributions that certain individuals find regenerating. Every person who responds to us is one of our constituents. Meaning that they have a part in our Creative Destiny, just as we have a part in supporting theirs. Until we see our gifts in others, we do not rest! This is a time of inner awakening where we become creative authors of our own lives.

What we seek are individuals who can be embodied with us. The upside of this is that they provide us the quickest, best feedback allowing exponential, accelerated growth.  Being committed to this level of engagement is the best experience in the world. If we want to control or limit our growth, it will be more of a start/stop and being–thrown-off-balance kind of relationship. In this situation, we will tend to vacillate between trusting and not trusting the process and being open versus closed down, which is a little disheartening. The key issue is to find creative projects where we are both equally passionate and aligned with a larger purpose. This is where our Beauty, Truth and Goodness will emerge. Can we accept this or is it too much for us at this time?

The main question is, are we going to be open to individuals who are similar to us or remain defensive? If we remain defensive, we are not going to attract people who are similar to us, except those who are also defensive. This means we will never test who we are and what we want with individuals who have a clear path. This is why we suggest that the opportunity cost is much greater if we hold ourselves back and are not willing to take risks in service of a much larger possibility. So we are blasted a few times! We recover much more quickly from this than from the death by a thousand cuts that we get when we do not engage. It is also in our interest to build skills that work with all people in all situations. Everyone who shows up is, in fact, helping us to be more of who we are. We just need to remember that there is something we can say or do that supports, not just us, but also the people who show up.

Non-alignment is disconcerting because it is the difference between competition and cooperation. Competition reflects that we cannot trust others because we do not trust ourselves. Cooperation reflects the capacity to engage others, even when they may not be willing to engage us. Cooperation provides a way for others to meet us in a positive manner, even if they cannot trust themselves. Sometimes others can entrain themselves, to look for the higher options in a situation. When this occurs, we learn it is possible to trust ourselves and relax with those with who are aligned. When others do not respond to us, as long as we do not give ourselves away completely, we learn to spot the indicators that tell us when a situation will not produce a good outcome. The most important thing is that we learn to speak up and be a leader or author of our own experience. This allows us to attract others who are more aligned with us.

When we become authors of our lives, we are able to accept the support and insight of others without reaction. Since we are not tied to our personalities, we do not need credit or acknowledgment. Our ability to affirm our Selves (large “S” meaning we are identifying now with our Primary Creative Expression, not our small “s” personality programming) allows us to find new ways to accomplish change using the resources that naturally show up. Learning that we can come together with common passion becomes more real with experience. We need to have a way of unifying our Feelings and Emotions so that the past and present inform our current reality. Individually, we want to use our imagination to create a shared reality. The more we share our experiences, the more they become an interactive picture of the entire possibility. When we can do this in a way that produces a mutual benefit for everyone, we can trust it as a common development, not a selfish, self-serving development. The intention is to build greater resourcefulness for imagining what we need. It creates a vocabulary we can use to talk about how we can be motivated to work together.

It is Creative Integrity that drives us to seek partners with whom we can experience Growth. As long as we choose individuals who do not have the capacity to be authentically creative, it drains us. This leads us to becoming extremely focused on those individuals with whom we experience the greatest Creative Flow. Until we find a number of partners where Creative Flow becomes the norm, it is hard to accept that our lack of good choices has always been the biggest obstacle to our own success. Energetic Integrity becomes the new standard for determining which investments to make in a relationship. As our Personality Integration process unfolds, we come to trust ourselves more, which opens us up to attracting individuals with Creative Integrity. Our energetic presence is reinforced and supported by these individuals, and we are able to be fully autonomous, yet simultaneously co-embodied with them.

As we become more conscious about the impacts others have on us, we become more selective about whom we want to work with and whom we cannot effectively engage. This duality is about the degree to which we can align our Intent with the intent of others. The benefit of unifying our Sensations and Feelings is that we can now effectively read the Feelings and Sensations of others. This allows us to know when something is off, and to what extent it is off. This usually manifests in a high degree of Cellular Affinity with almost everyone we engage. When individuals show up with a lot of integration in terms of their Feelings and Emotions, they are magnetically attracted to the field generated by these groups.

When we know who we are, we commonly wonder if we are the only people that want to make the world a better place. We confront the possibility that unconscious patterns seem to guarantee default choices. We seek to rectify this by expanding our Context and vision so that we can assist the universe in bringing some small degree of order. We begin to recognize that the universe wants us to more successfully contribute to its design. By declaring our personal space and the CNG space, we start with a conscious embrace of our harmonic possibilities in our existing field of endeavor (in this case, the space around us). This does not mean that we cannot reach out and have impacts beyond us, just that we need to be anchored and clear about ourselves. We increase our direct connection with the universe through activities, meditation and learning how to respond to its impressions.

Co-Embodiment means we are shifting into operating primarily through Transpersonal and Impersonal Desires. This requires that we go beyond Separative Desires where we need to benefit from something at the cost of others. These Desires are commonly thought of as selfish. They are also related to our parental repressions where our parents’ lessons minimized our personal choices. Transpersonal Desires are shared experiences that have a mutual outcome that we both want. Transpersonal Desires are the building blocks for great relationships. When we are clear about our desire and we meet others with the intention of creating possibilities together, Transpersonal Desires naturally occur. Impersonal Desires are those desires that we may share with others that are beyond our personal control or capacity to individually create (for example eradicating world hunger). Most Idealization patterns have Impersonal Desire elements. When this occurs, we are actually distancing ourselves from our own heart’s connection to the outcome, and we are always blaming others for what we believe they should have done. This means it is an Idealization pattern and it is probably impersonal in nature. 

Our creative potential increases as we learn how to do more with less. Transparency and honesty both attract like-thinkers and repulse defensive, power brokers. Our contributions become noticed and our resolve is tested in several ways. As we become more embodied, our cry for assistance becomes evocations to the universe. These heartfelt Transpersonal Desires become more widely heard and appreciated. Groups grow, form, and split apart as people unify with those who are aligned with them. This is how we end the mixed-messages and the Defensive Distortions, as well as unconscious dualities. The key to navigating this level is to find the narrow, middle path where creative flow and growth is maximized.

This is how we maintain our close, creative connection to Universal Intent. It is also the way we are seen and heard by our Constituents. The size of the group does not matter as much as the quality of our connections. What conscious individuals want most is to have either a better connection to themselves, or a better connection to the universe. All Authentic Life Expression facilitates one of these two connections. We expand our CNG when we recognize where others are in their consciousness. We learn how to blend our consciousness with theirs to expand both of our perceptions. We also use the CNG to experience Worldview, Creative Actualization levels and the balance between Intent, Content and Context.

Our Creative Expressions provide insight into the patterns of engagement and disengagement. We begin to notice subtle dissonances and see opportunities when there is congruence. Creatively aligned partners learn to adjust to greater differences when there is an overall engagement process. This is when Playfulness, Paradox, and Mutual Learning become the most critical; their polar opposites, Seriousness, Certainty, and Unilateral Action create disasters in relationships. What we need is trust, not refusals, in order to get involved. If these Relationship Skills are active in our relationships, the CNG will grow in sophistication and elegance. Women will become Cultural Leaders and men, Cosmic Magnets.

When we fixate on our Defensive similarities, we deny the strength that comes from accepting the mystery of Creative similarities. On a Personality level, uncomfortable similarities teach us to look deeper within to resolve our past judgments. For example, a Primary Storyteller, who may be repressed in their communications by having parents who criticized whatever they said, was taught to deny speaking so that when he met another Storyteller who spoke his or her mind, it irritated him. When we limit ourselves because of the judgments of others that we take on, it frustrates us when we see others not limited in the way that we are. These uncomfortable similarities require us to clear the judgments that we took on, which naturally happens when we are around people with the same Compatibility Factors.

We also have beliefs, which may or may not be true, regarding who we are or who we think we should be, that can be irritating to others. This is because when we attempt to repress beliefs, we become more fixated, reactive, and intense. In these situations, we need to figure out what patterns are being triggered and forgive ourselves for being caught up in them. We also need to recognize that some of these patterns are based on the people we were around at the time. Do we need these Defenses, or can we release them? Because the people we are attracting now are more conscious than those we dealt with in the past, we need to work on these issues until we can fully love ourselves as we are. Meaning that when we are around people similar to us, we do not default in reaction to them.

Learning how to share our Context is what provides a better foundation for creative exchange. In using the CNG space, we balance masculine and feminine approaches to create greater wholeness. Even if we are more feminine, our ability to tune into the masculine expands our perspective and we are more powerful and direct in our expression. The opposite is also true for two masculine individuals who would naturally become more feminine together in a CNG. This is the universe seeking greater balance and wholeness. The key issue is that when we get into alignment, we overlap and amplify certain skills, perspectives, and possibilities that do not show up when we are by ourselves. This is one of the core benefits of working and being with others.

The benefit of engaging this process is that the universe seems to guide us in ever-increasing ways to find our most fulfilling contribution. The more we can embody our Context and test how our Context could connect to the Context of others us, the more we will be able to understand our Creative Potential. Each time we find a deeper, more powerful creative resonance, it awakens possibilities within us that can then be recognized by others. This means that every exploration we make further clarifies our unique talents, thereby attracting better partners as we grow. This process is greatly enhanced by our ability to concentrate on our contributions.

At this level, we learn how to receive and give Love. On Level 3, we focus on giving Love to connect us. On Level 4, we learn how to use Radiant Self Unifying Love to enhance our connections with others. Now, we learn how to use Love to bring others with us as we find new ways of expression. This allows us to utilize a reservoir of contributions called Good Will. It is the openness we embody to discover new ways of interacting that makes Goodwill such a potent a force in the world.

The primary tool to stimulate others to respond to us is our Passion. The ability to unify our Feelings and Emotions provides the capacity to accurately read others’ Feelings and Emotions through a CNG. The irony is that just as we are becoming more impersonal, and being more Simultaneous and Equal (based on Communication Process), we find ourselves able to penetrate the fog of Idealization and burn through its distortions. This ability to Transfigure our own Feelings and Emotions provides clear insights into the Goodness of others allowing us to manage our connections more effectively. This assists us in starting high-performance teams or leading groups.

As we align our own natural Creative Intelligences so they work together fluidly, our Creative Gifts emerge. This is greatly facilitated by having partners who not only see us, but also encourage us to contribute in new ways. This is manifested by Transpersonal Desires. The primary value of relationships becomes manifest, which is to bring out the best in both of us. We learn to distinguish different qualities of alignment, so that complementary skills bring out synergistic Gifts between us and with others with whom we have alignment. This means that the creative synergy within us works better with some people than with others, and that there is another type of synergy that works between two people with creative integrity. External creative synergy comes from alignment in our Life Work and it is an alignment based on a purpose that we have agreed to. It works uniquely because we modulate ourselves to fit into the parameters that our partner defines.

Internal Creative Synergy is based on having the same compatibility Factors, Creative Motives, Attractions, and Skills that do not require an external agreement. It works because we have the same foundation and understanding of what works for us, which is also what works for our partners. Common Neutral Ground unifies both types of Synergy. It is extremely fortunate when we have both types of Creative Synergy at once. Finally, Worldview differences also come into play because individuals with different degrees of actualization have reduced synergy than with those operating on the same level. These Gifts only emerge when we are willing to engage others to determine the best way of interacting with them. There is no substitute for practical experience.

Co-Embodiment is our first real experience of operating in Unity with others. This is possible because we have become more transpersonal and, yet, have fully developed our own Sovereign Autonomy. This means that we can now make better assessments because we know who we are fully. We also know when we could be compromising ourselves. No one can compromise us at this point. By being conscious about our Creativity we are able to surrender to the Co-Creative process with our partner, allowing energetic transmutation. The more we get experience in operating energetically in a transpersonal way, the more we attract more interesting possibilities. Some would say it creates a synchronicity of opportunities. In effect, we become a magnet for the resources we want and need to fulfill our Authentic Life Expression.

Often, at this level, we feel more grounded and ‘real’ because we know how to implement our contributions without being attached to them. This is because we have embodied a sense of Personality Detachment that allows us to experience freedom of choice. This level is usually more active, as we feel a sense of power when making choices to move forward. While we do not rush or push others, we can feel urgency within ourselves. This urgency combines three elements: Aliveness, Enthusiasm and Spacious Presence. We need to learn to breathe and give ourselves time and space to process our experience as we go. It is helpful to use our bodies to sense the appropriate time for moving forward in any activity. Without this considered sensibility, we can hyperventilate and get thrown off balance due to an imposition of urgency in the current circumstance. This experience of urgency is really a transpersonal Intent, where we affirm our purpose, which then connects to the greater, Universal Intent to make a conscious connection. It can be disruptive or supportive. What matters is if we are connected to the process that is unfolding and keeping track of its development. There is always enough time to make a balanced choice. 

Mutual development is a shared process. While it improves with practice, we already have a certain set of expressions and Feelings that convey what is going on with us (that others are aware of). While many think of this process as two partners being able to dance together, it is actually more than that. It is the ability to create our own dance in the moment because we are confident that we are tuned into our partner and they naturally respond to whatever we do. We see the constant shifting of masculine and feminine expressions between partners, as they occur. When we trust that our response will take things to another level, it creates a greater connection and we are thereby unified with our partners. A CNG at this level allows other layers to come into connection. Here we use our inner knowing to assess the appropriate action to accomplish and integrate any activity. In short, we know when to start and stop, without needing outside confirmation.

Being present to our body and its consciousness is a godsend. The skill of Physical Discernment where we are able to tune into our own heartbeat, breathing, or energetic pacing awakens us to how we are a physical part of the world. When we connect to others from this physically resourced place, it encourages Mutual Learning. Mutual Learning is the capacity to engage lessons together and find answers through deep conversation. Most of the time, it is about finding a common resonance with another person and then letting things unfold. It is definitely not about imposing our will on others. To do so not only impedes them, but impedes us as well. Physical Discernment and Mutual Learning empower Co-Creative endeavors because no one is in charge. Instead, the process reveals who should take the leadership at any particular time and the responsibility is shared.

Co-Creativity means engaging others with Intent, Content and Context so we can synchronize the expression of Life, Light and Love. It is an open-ended process where creativity engenders new insights that create new possibilities. It is a mutual effort that always expands the CNG. It particularly opens up and makes real those areas in which we may not be the best. In this shared space, we get more comfortable dealing with topics and situations that previously would have seemed difficult or even impossible. A lot of the inspiration that is felt in a Co-Creative process comes from being mirrored by our partner. The more they see our whole being, the more it empowers them to see themselves in the same way. This expands our understanding of ourselves and encourages us to take risks in service to improving the world.

Use of Skillful Means in Co-Creation

Physical Discernment is the Skill used to tune into creative possibilities. We need to ask ourselves, is this process appropriate for me to participate in? If the answer is yes, we need to ask the same about any other person involved. In the past, we did not have control over whom we worked with. Other people would hire our teammates with little input from us. In the Aquarian Age it is all about mutual participation. Where previously we had strong hierarchies, we are now seeking flatter organizations with more personal responsibility and involvement. This means we will increasingly be part of the decision-making when bringing in a new employee. It is either this or we will run our own company and determine who all our partners are. As we become more creative, we will expect others to be creative with us. If they do not have alignment in their creative chemistry with us, we should not be obligated to work with them. This will increasingly become a reality in the next hundred years. Common Neutral Ground will create the frameworks that make this possible.

Skillful Means is the capacity to use our inner perceptions to gracefully identify a course of action. It is about being able to connect our perceptions into a unified whole so that our interactions with others are intuitively informed. Many people flit from perception to perception, creating a rat’s nest of contradictory Thoughts. These interfere with their ability to follow through with their Intention. To break out of this dilemma, we need to attract individuals who can respond to our Intent by being intentional with us. When we have agreement about our intentions, it produces greater clarity, focus and follow-through. This is because we mutually support each other in fulfilling these possibilities.

What helps us to decide on a common intention are Transpersonal Desires. How do we identify individuals who have the capacity to meet us where we are so they can become partners in our larger mission? Our answer is being able to identify the Motives of others so we can determine if they are aligned enough to make things work. We can also validate that the lessons of others are aligned to us by talking to them about their Attractions. Finally, the most important aspect is, do they have the Relationship Skills developed enough to meet us where we are so we can feel confident that we, indeed, have an authentic partner? For many individuals, a sense of presence in a CNG is the culmination that indicates that they have a conscious partner available to go wherever they want to go.

What is our way of determining our degree of alignment with others? In the past, most individuals would have answered ’Common Values’. While common values are outer indicators that we possess some similarities, we need to get to the core of how we are aligned in terms of who we are and/or what we want to do together. Values are more about shared interests and may or may not reflect an ability to work together, depending on the value or circumstance. Making partnership choices in our personal and business frameworks can adversely impact us more than anything else. This is why we want to invest in ways of validating our own, inner Knowing so we can make the best choices. The skill that allows us to quickly identify who is aligned with us is the Inner Seeing program.

What are the criteria for the choices we make in our lives? Is it identifying Motives, Attractions, Skills or a combination thereof? Do we have an inner process to validate the way we interact with others for various purposes? Now that we have cleared away the debris of our past, what is on our horizon? This is why we use a symbol of the sunrise to indicate new beginnings. These new beginnings start with developing tools of consciousness. Our Compatibility Factors are an example of this. While we have developed ways of validating our inner patterns (such taking the Creative Uniqueness class) on this level, the focus is now turned on others. The Inner Seeing series is an example of how to assess others to maximize our Creative Resonance. We do not need to use only these tools; there are many other consciousness tools available, such as the Enneagram.

Driving the development of Skillful Means is Transpersonal Context, where we learn how to share our awareness with others. What challenges this process is that one partner may insist on dealing with their partner from their own perceptions only, reducing the Transpersonal Flow between them. This is why the more tools we can use together, the greater ability we have to maintain our own Autonomy and fully sharing Intimacy with our partner. There is no need to be concerned that we will become enmeshed in our partner or unduly influenced by them. In fact, it is more likely that the more we share our consciousness tools, we will build a unified perspective in the Common Ground, where we will both be able to discuss our observations in ways that enhance each other. This Creative Flow deepens our ability to feel connected, while simultaneously increasing our ability to use our Awareness to guide our mutual growth.

When we have a positive internal attitude and can be spaciously present with partners, they naturally respond to us. It is our intention to operate in a state of goodwill that allows them to feel supported by our presence. Goodwill is the capacity to operate in a state of integrity for the greatest good. It requires us to be able to love ourselves and not personalize our love in terms of others. We call this type of love Radiant Self-Unifying Love because it is a natural experience of agape and it’s generalized in all of our interactions with others. This means we are able to let go of ‘special love’ and see how it is the experience of giving love that provides the benefit. Personality expressions of love are about convincing others that they mean something to us or that they are better off with us, thereby offsetting their insecurities. True love is never manipulative or used to influence others’ perceptions of us. Otherwise, we can be caught in limited expressions of love that trap us in personality frameworks. All forms of personality love are conditional; and it is the process of mediating whom we love and for what reason that denies us the experience of the connection we want. In Radiant Self-Unifying Love we love people because we love them and we never need to take back or even regret any expression of our love. Loving Our Creative self is the class we recommend to help make a transition into Level 5.

Effective human relations require goodwill. It is about creating an atmosphere and an attitude that is open and available. It builds trust in others and it allows us to build bridges between different perspectives, principles and beliefs. Most importantly, it comes from a compassionate heart where we see the goodness in others and do not attempt to change them in any way. If they learn things from us, they might change, but that is not our job. It is also about performing random acts of kindness and contribution to others so that we can share our delight in the creative possibilities that emerge in every dimension of our life. Many individuals would say that goodwill is the result of recognizing our personality limitations so that we can address and eliminate our self-criticism, therefore we will not carry forward this burden. It is about letting go of the million ways we seek others to validate us, instead becoming a person who validates others exactly where they are. This is what makes us interesting to other people. By being a person of depth and responsiveness, we attract others who are the same. Rather than complaining that there are no conscious people in the world to meet, we need to cultivate this consciousness within ourselves by sharing it with others so that it magnetizes to us the people that we want.

As we become more Transpersonal we show up as being more open and available to others. The paradox is that the more we know ourselves, the less we need to prove ourselves, meaning that we like open exploration where we can discover hidden synergies. We realize where some of our challenges overlap, which motivates us to change the status quo. The more we balance our experiential Modalities, the more sensitive we become to what is going on around us. This is what precipitates our growing awareness of the existing pain in others. We discover that many individuals are broadcasting their pain, even though they deny it to themselves. This causes us to develop screening tools so we do not always have to experience these broadcasts.

We can become so selective that, in the same environment, we can screen out some people while being available to others. This kind of discrimination originates on a physical level and is about recognizing different vibrations. Each factor operates on a particular level and can either add to or subtract something from the larger energetic expression. While Pacing, Decision Making Approach and Defenses are all different patterns that can be confusing when considered together, we become conscious by separating them out, recognizing where we are so that we do not automatically impose these patterns on others. Otherwise we are caught in our perceptions and reacting to the perceptions of others so that we are no longer cognizant of the overall trajectory of the conversation.

The more we are present with ourselves, the more we are able to be present with others and see beyond these different expressions. We naturally do this because Transpersonal individuals broadcast their joy and love to increase their Unity with others. These screening tools are used in Common Neutral Ground and can be visualized as different frequencies of expression. Initially, we cannot separate the pain from the joy. Over time, we not only do this, but also refine and individuate our screening based on particular people. This allows us to be aware of others without having to take on their issues or distortions.

When we are meeting new people, a CNG is a big advantage. It not only allows us to energetically synchronize with another, but it helps us to identify their Compatibility Factors, Motives, Attractions and Skills. The more we create space with another and explore how they respond to us, the more we realize that their configuration and how they try to connect with us tells us everything about them. This gives us an incredible amount of insight to the degree that they can be a Co-Creative partner. While it is not definitive initially, it is predictive. This means that with some individuals we can see particular types of problems. When the people we are meeting indicate that they would like our assistance in these areas, it gives us hope that they will make great partners. This does not mean, however, that they will be able to implement the consciousness tools that we are talking about.

One way to expand our CNG is to learn how to connect to others at a distance, at a preset time. It is recommended that we begin this process in a small group when we have some Transpersonal or Impersonal desire that we share. For example, an impersonal desire could be world peace. This would allow us to practice using our Intent to create a connection between various individuals at the same time, to either concentrate, meditate or contemplate on a shared topic. Afterwards, we could write a journal entry about what we thought about and what energetically shifted within us. Perhaps one day a month, we could have a conversation between the members of the group to review what is going on and how well we are syncing up. We could also examine whether creating connections between CNGs actually deepens our own process and provides a framework for developing new ideas about what could make things better. Some logistical suggestions would be to spend less than half an hour at any one time. In fact, the preferred time frame is ten to fifteen minutes. When we start to experience our capacity to interact using the CNG between people not present to each other, the power of a CNG starts to dawn on us. This is particularly beneficial for couples and for groups that have an inspirational or aspirational motive.

Completing Personality Integration

Completing our Personality Integration starts with de-emphasizing our personality conflicts so our Creative resourcefulness emerges. What we want to occur is to re-direct our energy, time and space to our higher development. To accomplish this we need to operate less from our personality and more from our Creative Self. Some individuals distract themselves through engrossing creative service projects where they have limited time to process personality issues. Others work on one issue at a time, so the overall personality load is reduced. Objectification, Subjectification and Idealization are the load factors we will confront to determine if we have the capacity to neutralize these issues. Each of these factors creates an overhead that minimizes our creativity. Until we can direct more than 50% of our energy toward Creative Actualization, Personality Integration will take years rather than months.

CNG is anchored in our hearts. As previously discussed, there are three energy circuits that open up when we shift from our defensive framework to a co-creative framework. This is the connection to our physical body through our Hara center (four inches below our navel), the connection to our mind through our Brow center and the connection to our desire body through our hearts. When these channels are open we no longer feel isolated. Instead, we feel potent through our experiences of Pleasure, Power and Passion. With these three energetic connections to ourselves, we are fully energetic and conscious participants in the world. Creating the CNG with these three sources of support is easy and powerful. As we build proficiency in the CNG, these three frameworks become more integrated and unified, opening up and consolidating our perceptions, not only of ourselves, but of others in our presence. We start to become more discriminating about our uses of our energy. This allows us to differentiate our experience from the experience of others easily, while being conscious of both.

As a result, we build energetic reserves of Life, Light and Love energies within us. This greatly assists us in being able to respond and maintain connections under any circumstance or situation. Most individuals at this level of consciousness use a CNG with almost everyone they meet. This means, in all of their relationships, they are either leading or co-sponsoring a CNG so there is greater harmony and less personality conflict in their experience. Their lack of attachment to personality issues along with their embodied creativity makes it difficult for others to attack them. This additional energy can be invested to complete the Personality Integration process. This opens us up to purify our self by embracing greater Aliveness, Wisdom and Awareness. Through Aliveness, our labor purifies the body. The refinement of our Wisdom purifies our mind. Striving for Awareness purifies and uplifts our desires. Higher Alignment is the result and synthesis of these three processes. Alignment of these processes becomes the Holy Grail of our striving toward becoming better human beings, providing the energy to generate Co-Creative Relationships.

There are three areas of investment, which allow us to purify and release our Attachments, Positions and Projections. By releasing our Attachments to how things are, we can entertain new possibilities. Attachments (such as cars, houses, phones) consume our Intent consciousness thereby reducing our focus, reducing our ability to concentrate. This is because we have invested a lot of our Life energy in these Attachments. Most importantly, we cannot act spontaneously in alignment with our overall Intent without having to think about it. This is why labor performed meticulously and diligently in service to our overall Intent is such an effective tool in building our Life energy momentum.

Jealousy and willful ignorance are indicators that we are caught in Objectification patterns. What we wish to avoid is taking on the guilt of others. We fear others will victimize us if we are considered needy or unable to take care of ourselves. This encourages us to act as if our exterior (or appearance) is everything, so that we view life in a detached manner that randomly manifests. In this way we do not need to be responsible for anything internal that provides different input. We heal Objectification through Stillness, Aliveness and the clean expression of our Intent (Sensations and Feelings) with Life energy.

Another way to build Life energy is to use concentration exercises, where we imagine how we would do something and then completely implement this task. What makes Attachments problematic is the way they hinder and distract us from taking action. Attachments define us in terms of things, causing us fear when we lose them. Anytime we compromise our actions to protect an existing Attachment, it creates a loss of momentum, from which we may never recover. When we see our Attachments as extensions of ourselves, they become an unconscious burden keeping us stuck where we are. However, some individuals, in pursuit of greater safety, need their Attachments to fill the hole created by their denied and discounted Feelings and Sensations. However, when we affirm our Sensations and Feelings, we affirm our existence and body awareness, which gives us the power to express ourselves in action. This creates Pleasure.

Labor purifies our bodies, by aligning our Motives. When we perform labor in alignment with our Authentic Life Expression, we show ourselves that our fears will not get in the way of our commitments. We purify our actions by dedicating them to serve our constituents. Our constituents can be our family, friends and partners, as well as those who interact with us in our work life. This process, where we seek opportunities to demonstrate Universal Dominion, Mutual Accomplishment and Conscious Participation invite others to follow us on our path. It takes away any need for self-promotion or getting credit for what we do, as it is a shared endeavor. We learn about the paradox of being 100% personally responsible for the results in our life. We also learn the value of sharing credit and acknowledging others’ contributions so they are motivated to continue to work with us. This releases our energies so that others can confront their fear of what success would mean to them. We are committed to making our contributions (which unifies our physical connection to ourselves) so that we could share this energy in a CNG. In this way, we share our life energies so that larger possibilities can occur. This Transmutes any remaining fear as we move forward together.

Purification can Transmute our defensive Positions when we hold onto a past perspective as a way to create a false sense of security. When we release our Attachment to Knowing, it opens us up to Wisdom. This means our Thoughts and Emotions are free and we possess the choice to engage them as we would like. This occurs when we do not identify with either a Thought or Emotion, or try to possess it. Ironically, the more we subjectify and identify with our Thoughts or Emotions, the less useful they are in supporting us. Instead, we realize they are dead, defensive structures with no Light or Truth energy. Alternatively, Thoughts and Emotions can be experiential Content, which allows us to build more refined and in-depth, quality experiences. We become positional when we believe that every Thought or Emotion is us. This leads us to take on the defensive perspective that if these Thoughts or Emotions represent us, we must either protect or take credit for them.

Narcissism and Self Entitlement are indicators that we are caught up in Subjectification patterns. We do not want our Positions to be challenged. We seek to avoid being shamed. We are concerned about what others think, particularly their judgments. What we fear is compromise and corruption when we make choices that have the potential to maximize our benefits while minimizing the possibilities for others. This encourages us to think as if interiors (our thoughts) are everything, so that we to view information as something we need to manufacture to make an impact. Instead of building differences, we need to focus on similarities. We heal Subjectification through Solitude, Wisdom and the harmless expression of Content (Thought and Emotions) with Light energy.

If we view our experiences as reflections of our Modalities (Sensations, Feelings, Emotions and Thoughts), we can see ourselves as a Creative Being rather than a defensive identity. Purification of Positions occurs by not taking thought and emotional perspectives personally. When we become attached in this manner, we lose some part of our experiential framework and become more committed to re-experiencing what we want to experience. This distorts our reality and reduces our ability to grow. We see the results of this in Objectification, Subjectification and Idealization. Meditation is another practice that assists us in releasing us from Attachments to Thoughts and Emotions. When we release these Attachments, we need to reinvent who we are as a Creative Being. This requires self-forgiveness for all the ways we have hurt ourselves, by identifying with our Defenses. Since Defenses attract opposite partners, we come to realize we set this pattern up of denial, conflict and resentment. When we clear out our Attachments to our Thoughts and Emotions, it clarifies our Content and allows us to remain present in our moment-to-moment experience.

Inclusive Knowing arises from engaging life lessons and Attractions. True Power is the ability to integrate the creative gifts of others with our own. By continuing to process our experience by including others, we become more effective at distinguishing the personal from the transpersonal. Reactions on the defensive level are the results of discounting Thoughts or Emotions and having partners who are different. By refining our experience through concentration, meditation and contemplation we detach from our unconscious need to put ourselves first and escape the narcissistic perspective that everything needs to align with our perspective. Experience is the core value we have as humans and refinement through discrimination of our experience is the only way we expand our perspective. We accomplish this by choosing higher Attractions and creating more conscious interdependent lessons that we can complete with others. This attracts more conscious individuals into our lives.

If we can consider that we can inclusively engage the Emotions and Thoughts of others without reacting to them, then we have assumed ownership of our Creative Being. This is the door to transpersonal growth and development. It leads us to consider that shared ideas are more valuable than personal breakthroughs. Shared ideas can become memes that transform society. What this teaches us is that Content is important but can never independently make things work without connecting to the complete Context. This supports us in moving to see the larger lessons behind our Attractions. It requires that we pay attention to Aliveness, Wisdom and Awareness as the central indicators of where we need to place our attention. These Attractions focus us on how we can unite our gifts with others. We learn that our lessons will guide us to greater transparency.

Purification extends to our desires. While separative desires worked for us as unconscious individuals, the more conscious we become, the more restrictive and self-sabotaging separative desires become. This is because mixed Motives come into play. Greed and Arrogance are good examples of separative desires. Greed is where we become lost in the need for something, to the point of not even being able to accept it when we get it. Arrogance is the false belief that we can prove our intelligence through superficial understanding, when actually it only proves how limited our Thoughts are. These separative desires keep us from being abundant or smart. When these submerged desires occur in a conscious individual, there is an inner awareness that they are not aligned with our overall Creative Nature. This means there is a conflict going on within us between doing what is best or doing what our fears tell us to do.

Envy and self-righteousness are indicators that we are caught up in idealization lessons. We seek to avoid being blamed. What we fear is to be caught in self-aggrandizement where we are seen as taking more than we deserve. This encourages us to project our weaknesses on them hoping they will overlook our neediness, so that they can appreciate our perfection. What is difficult is that we do not deal well with differences in perception. We heal Idealization through Silence, Awareness and the full spacious expression of our Context (Emotions and Feelings) with Love energy.

If we were able to shift into transpersonal desires, abundance and intelligence would be fully available and higher Motives would prevail. The underlying issue is that we need to let go of the projection to prove ourselves, and instead, support mutual abundance and intelligence. This means letting go of comparison games so everyone can flourish. Since what we cannot accept in ourselves is what we project on others, this process also creates a lot of conflict in the world. If we ended projections tomorrow, there would no longer be class distinctions, racial divides or animosity about social standing. By uplifting our desires, we build real connections with others that cannot be sabotaged by their projections. This is because we do not take on their fears or react to their defensive concerns. We can still build a strong connection with them, however, because we are not taking their Idealization or other distortions personally. We start to imagine what could be achieved by being present to what is going on. Contemplation is another practice that is useful in reducing projections because it helps us to see differences in a larger Context so they can be addressed. This allows us to affirm and create a clear space with others.

Appropriate Being is a result of the full expression of Relationship Skills. It is not just the skills themselves that matter, but the consciousness that arises when the skills are used beneficially to uplift ourselves and others. The subtlest of the skills are Mutual Learning, Physical Discernment and Co-Creativity. The more refined we become in our ability to relate to others, the more we come to accept that our ability to predict each option is greatly limited. Up until now, we can see that Compatibility Factors are easy predictors of potentials in relationship. However, once we are fully conscious of Compatibility Factors they do not limit us and we are often surprised by the affection we have for someone not predicted to be a great match. This is the exercise of free will. We can find ourselves challenged with many polarized choices and yet still want to be in a relationship because of our differences. Some of this harkens back to believing that we need Intensity to succeed in relationships. But it could also be true that that our affection, Admiration and Adoration can emerge around certain choices just because it feels right with this person in this situation. We need to follow our hearts and recognize that sometimes we need challenges to truly commit to a positive course of action.

The most important issue is how we are relating to the universe. We want to be able to love our Creative Self and recognize that it is though our contributions that we see our true nature. Striving indicates that we are fully engaged in the process and there is no easy way to back out. With striving, our Aliveness, Wisdom and Awareness naturally manifest. Striving requires sacrificing our Personality self for our Creative Self, which is an indication of personality integration. This is because we must first affirm the highest within us before we can merge the subservient aspects of our personality. We need our Personality identity to choose to serve our Creative Nature to unify our Self. Building Our Life, Light and Love energies greatly facilitate this process.

The practices of purifying our Attachments, Positions and Projections, combined with a new focus on Stillness, Solitude and Silence, help us manifest inner spaciousness. Our reactivity reduces considerably as we realize that we manifest our own safety, security and destiny. Without separative personality distinctions, we are abundantly present with our Self. Spacious Presence is the capacity to reflect to others where they are and be with them, despite any differences they may have with us. In this presence, we can experience and expand our strengths so that our weaknesses do not matter. At worst, we learn how to build some response gateways using Relationship Skills to offset our challenges. At best, we integrate our Skills and deepen them using the foundation of Stillness, Solitude and Silence.

We end up retuning to the source of our experience (which is the processing of our modalities) to re-build our inner consciousness. With Stillness, Solitude and Silence we develop improved ways of processing the dualities of our internal vs. external experiences. With Stillness the duality is non-action vs. appropriate action. If we can experience Stillness in our action, it is appropriate. With Solitude it is the duality of our reactive thinking versus unity thinking. If we can experience Solitude and presence in our thinking, it is not reactive. With Silence we experience the duality of our separative desires vs. our transpersonal desires. If we can experience Silence when talking it is likely it is transpersonal. Higher Alignment is the synthesis of these three frameworks into a harmonic whole. This is how we bring greater awareness to our experience.

Some individuals will be better in their Stillness, Solitude or Silence than others. What all individuals have in common at Level 5 is the breakdown of old systems of organization as we install new patterns of response to others. The more we reveal our unconscious Decision Making processes and see how different our current skills are now than from our past, the more we are shocked into the awareness that we need to make new types of choices. We are often surprised by the nonsensical ways we adopted these personality patterns. Sometimes we ignored them and checked out, others we pre-emptively attempted to mitigate by controlling outcomes, while others we played with like unwanted food. Unfortunately, these layers of conflicting mandates confused us and increased the likelihood that we operated with mixed Motives, Attractions and limited problem-solving capabilities. This can change now, when we purify and uplift our personality framework to accept our Creative Being.

Many individuals from many different traditions go through this long, dark night of the soul. This is where we reorient ourselves to our higher nature by distancing ourselves from our personality reactions. This becomes our adjustment process for seeing the world as it actually is, without all of our defensive rationalizations. From this perspective, the world could seem stark, unforgiving, barbaric and emotionally draining. These perceptions, while accurate in the world of men and women, do not persist when we engage the inner resourcefulness and creativity of our authentic nature. We discover we have tools and techniques that can deal with the chaos of the dark ones that show up in our world. We do this by creating our own inner light. Sometimes that light is enough to provide some clarity to those around us. We make choices that allow us to negotiate and manifest our destiny. Most of all, we realize that we possess the strength of purpose and power to climb the mountain in front of us. We all have our mountain to climb and it is a blessing when we find others climbing the same path.

One of the most important understandings to have about the chaos of this level is how to not inadvertently amplify the negative emotional states of others by not buying into their emotional states and reacting to their negative emotions. Using a CNG and the techniques learned in the Owning Our Experience class, we create and interpret our perceptions in ways that serve us. This means we need to learn how to select a path that will bring out the best in others and ourselves simultaneously. This is called Skillful Means. Skillful Means is the capacity to organize ourselves to take advantage of our own strengths to find creative ways to bring out the best in others. What makes this powerful is that it builds upon our natural strengths and mostly ignores our weaknesses. By finding the path less traveled we break out of our defensive conditioning.

The purpose of labor, refinement and striving is to regenerate our internal Creative Nature. By reducing our Attachments, Positions and Projections about who we are, we create space within us so that what is important becomes clear. We call this process Transmutation. Our happiness is the result of the progress we make about overcoming adversity. Our contribution creates a space or energy that is now available to invest in various areas of our life. This space and energy is something we can share with others, greatly expanding our CNG. This space supports us when we realize that our Attachments, Positions and Projections are only placeholders until we consciously make a stand for who we are and where we are going. This could be the result of choosing a life partner or choosing an Authentic Life Expression. The more we consciously commit to either one of these paths (or both) the result will be greater happiness. Happiness is the result of accepting who we are and being committed to some course of action that uplifts us. Happiness occurs by finding our most useful way to serve and then doing it.

The more we consciously we commit to this path and make progress doing it the more sustainable our happiness.

One of the gifts of this path is that we become more peaceful, calm and connected to life. This increases our ability to influence others as long as we do not misuse this gift to compromise them. What we do is to connect others to their own resources so they can be autonomous with us. The more they embody their autonomy, the more effectively we can share ourselves without being concerned that it will lead to compromise. Until others are creatively connected to themselves, they experience pressure to perform that will generate mixed or compromised results. It is usually an Idealization of them or us that causes these breakdowns. The solution is to connect individuals to their own needs and resources so they can take care of themselves first before suggesting larger commitments that may not be sustainable. We need to learn to crawl before we can learn to walk. With a CNG we can move from walking to running with partners to fulfill some mutual destiny. To run we need to be able to translate our inner experiences into experiences that can be shared with others. CNG is an optimum design to create distinctions between our experience and the experience of others while simultaneously in the CNG space having both together.

In the CNG we experience three distinct connections to ourselves. Life energy (which is about Intent) motivates our body so we can be congruent in our actions. When we place life energy in the CNG we are able to synchronize with the actions of others. When others are conscious about these actions they can be engaged to discuss the meaning of their Sensations and Feelings and reflect this back to us. Creating this bond, where we are seen for our fears and accepted anyway, supports us in releasing our own fears of safety. We see inner beauty in them when they act consciously. When we are unconscious, or doing Objectification, we are judgmental and critical of their appearance because it is related to our own issues about our appearance. Affirming Life energy creates physical bonding and affection, which is demonstrated through touch.

Light energy (which is about Content) helps us to assimilate what is going on around us so we can respond rather than react. When we place light energy in the CNG we are able to synchronize our truth with the truth of another. This means that we can share our full Thoughts and Emotions and they will respond in kind. We feel intellectually bonded with them when we know they are our biggest advocates. This is not what we experience when partners have opposite defenses. With the same Defense or a Pioneering partner, our security becomes their security because it is clear we need to work together to manifest mutual security. We bond intellectually and emotionally and we will cooperate rather than compete with them. When we bond with them, it creates a timeless experience where we believe we can overcome any obstacle. Common vision is the sense that is most stimulated at this level.

Love energy (which is about Context) motivates us to honor our own spaciousness. First we need to honor the independence of our space and then we need to create the common space so we can share that with partners. This is all about Passion and the sharing of Co-Creative experiences that refine our own ability to create Goodness between both of us. Otherwise, our personal aspirations of Goodness can come into conflict and end up working against our mutual interests. As long as we are in conflict between our Feelings (in the moment) and our Emotions (dealing with the interpretations of our Feelings through Time), we are operating from one or the other and projecting what is uncomfortable upon others. By ending projections we unify our experiences in our hearts and empower the Co-Measurement between our body and mind. This results in a heart-to-heart bonding process where the CNG itself becomes stronger and more resilient. Listening and hearing are emphasized on this level.

Unifying Our Contributions

Most individuals at this level talk about their Contribution as an act of service. This means their primary focus is to make a conscious contribution, not driven by personal enrichment. The enrichment they are seeking is Creative enrichment. They want to grow, express themselves and feel that they can make a difference. Individuals committed to service speak about their motivations and aspirations to contribute to a particular constituent group. Mostly, they have unified a sub-segment of their Constituent group to receive their blessings and support.

Initially, they work to define the Intent of any activity or proposed opportunity to determine if it is inspirationally congruent with the people supporting their project. Examples of this can be found in companies that attempt to define their purpose, core values and audacious Mission Statement. This problem is even more challenging if the company does not have a formal Mission Statement and the employees have vastly different objectives for the organization. Our recommendation is to define the Mission Statements at the beginning of an organization’s lifespan, hiring each person with a process that allows them to choose to serve the company’s Mission. This is the best way to create an alignment of Motives to increase an organization’s potential for success.

Skillful Means is the description we use to talk about our inner knowing about what works. It requires that we understand Compatibility Factors, Motives, Attractions and Relationship Skill frameworks. It helps to have a background in the three types of distortions: Objectification, Subjectification and Idealization. Life, Light, and Love become the consciousness tools that allow us to assess where we are versus where we want to be. Using energy to reflect where we are in the process and what we have to do next. Only when we focus on a process and reveal the underlying limitations of that process (Life, Light and Love) can we bring it back into its abundant state. We are learning to pay attention to what our partner needs, which aligns to what we need. This is the capacity to Co-Measure our creative contributions so the best total solution can emerge. Some individuals express this as an ability to talk in shortcuts to convey the big picture so we immediately know what to do. Others talk about creating their own language so there are no misunderstandings between partners. When we have greater Creative Alignment, we do not need to explain ourselves and our communication can easily become specialized.

Skillful Means allows us to understand creative differences between individuals and provide a translation mechanism pointing out where we align and where we need further coordination. This can occur only when we are honoring the wholeness of our creative process more than worrying about our personal needs. When everyone in a process is focusing on the whole, ways for us to synergize our impact as partners or as a group are created. This coordination and cooperation process allows us to use the creative diversity of the team to produce unexpected and surprising results. It is a major indication that we have shifted into a more comprehensive Context where we now possess the Skills to achieve a major contribution. This is why Orchestrators excel at this level. What we are learning is mutual creative action. This is the indication that we are operating on the Fifth Level.

The duality of Level 3 between our Feelings and Emotions, where we get caught up in Idealization, needs to be made into an embodied, real expression in the world. This means when we are aligned with others on a Feeling and Emotional level and we can be connected in this way, it reflects a state of Radiant Self-Unifying Love. This unconditional love becomes stronger and therefore we are encouraged to share it with others. Eventually, it allows us to see the Feelings and Emotions of others clearly. When we begin using a CNG, we can directly experience when our Feelings and Emotions correspond to the Feelings and Emotions of others. This allows us to love in a much more expanded and self-affirming manner.

On Level 5 of embodying a CNG, we learn how to consciously connect our Context to the Context of others, creating a more inclusive variety of opportunities to choose from. This is the same as taking our experience and combining it with another’s experience to flesh out and understand common patterns so we will be able to work together more effectively. In a fully formed CNG, with two conscious individuals, we are likely to see a three to seven times improvement over our individual power outside of a CNG. This is completely due to the fact that we can focus mutual strengths and use them to offset any weaknesses. Whenever we can work together from mutual strengths, it always brings greater harmony and power to our circumstances. Anything previously limiting one party or the other is no longer an obstruction at this level of CNG.

When we clarify differences with others, we discover how charged most group interactions are. This creates the need to clarify our Intentions and make sure that others are staying grounded in their intentions as well. It requires greater sensitivity to what is being communicated and a capacity to distinguish our assumptions from another’s. We call this Physical Discernment because it is an embodied way of knowing what is true. In CNG, we learn how to neutralize our perceptions by putting aside fixed goals and creating open possibilities as a substitute. What this means is that we are no longer motivated by maintaining the status quo or fixated on using Expectations as a standard of behavior. When we release ourselves from conditioning and Expectations, we become more proficient at getting things done, realizing that we need to start with the underlying foundation and build up from there.

Exploration is needed to create a network of aligned contributors. Currently, more individuals are taking greater responsibility for the ways they contribute by discovering the gaps in the industries in which they work, and finding ways to solve them. The more these contributors are operating in the Inner Success WorldView, the more they will be prepared to re-define their contribution in terms of the new supply chain. In other words, we will individually seek to optimize ‘the adding of value’ to serve our Constituents. Our Constituents are not just people who want our products or services, but also people in industries and supply chains who are having problems improving the efficiency of what they are doing. We are being attracted to show up in places that can use our Skills and gifts. We need to learn to do this without compromising ourselves or the contributions we can make.

In today’s world, there is an increasing opportunity to supersede existing supply chains because they serve customers based on yesterday’s needs. With so many younger individuals and their different ways of approaching what they need, there is increasing desire for customized solutions. We see examples of this reinvention in the ‘apps’ revolution. Now, more than ever, individuals can insert themselves and build their own contribution framework. In every industry, there is increasing sophistication as individuals and technologies become more distributed for solutions-on-demand frameworks. This means every individual will be in a more plug-and-play circumstance and might even have several different job expressions, where their particular expertise and talents can be applied. It is our Creative diversity, which is pushing this change as individuals become more actualized around the possible ways they can contribute. These changes are likely to accelerate.

Obstacles To Unification

In Higher Alignment, we do not talk about WorldView very much. This is because it can be easily interpreted as a Subjectification or justification for treating someone unfairly. It is useful because it helps us recognize the amount of complexity another can deal with. WorldView is not about intelligence. It is actually more about Context and it is important to recognize how people perceive things with different degrees of interest. The higher the WorldView, the more complex we can be in explaining ourselves. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult when we speak to a lower WorldView individual because that individual may feel that we are speaking over their head. The simple solution is to speak to a level where they can respond to us with a sense of equality. The other practical aspect of WorldView is that it tells us what general lessons are of interest at that particular level. For example, I wouldn’t assume that a late Outer Success WorldView individual would understand a person who is talking about Relationship WorldView issues. Outer Success focuses on careers and how we are seen in the community. Relationship Worldview individuals give acknowledgement to individuals who are more sensitive and responsive to their questions. This means that there is typically a stratification of different WorldViews in most groups. Unless a group like Higher Alignment is learning a particular issue that relates to one WorldView, then there will be confusion and constant restating of what is being said for different people to hear it at different levels.

One example of WorldView is Donald Trump compared to Marco Rubio. Marco Rubio is more in early Relationship lessons, which means he cares more about the people than winning the game. This does not mean that he does not want to win, it is just that he has different skills in working with people and he has more desire to come to some kind of consensus viewpoint. Donald Trump does not listen, speaks belligerently about others he seems to know little about, and he likes firing people because they disagree with him. One of the key indicators of Outer Success is how they are always valuing themselves by how much they own, which tends to vacillate a lot. This fixates them on Security issues, where ownership is the only way to possess success. It is important to understand differences in WorldView so we can compassionately and clearly serve individuals where they are. It is much harder to deal with people with greater WorldView, but this is where the growth opportunities really lie.

What makes seeing the intentions of others clear is being able to calibrate to their WorldView. When we expand and integrate our Intent, Content and Context, it allows us to operate with greater complexity and capacity. Otherwise, we are caught up in superficial perceptions and do not see the underlying forces at play. WorldView allows us to tune into this awareness so we can be appropriate to how a person is operating. There are seven levels of WorldView, starting with the least developed: Survival, Safety and Security, Outer Success, Relationship, Inner Success, Personality Integration, and World Service. We need to be careful not to judge individuals on different levels, but instead to have compassion and understanding for where they are. Here we need to reduce the complexity so that lower WorldView individuals can understand us. We can also take in more complexity from those WorldView individuals who are higher than we are. Notice that WorldView is the only hierarchical framework in this entire process. We need to be extremely careful that we do not fall into the trap of elevating our WorldView to make ourselves feel more important.

The seven levels of WorldView are:

  1. Survival is a circumstance where we have no ability to deal with anything but food, shelter and rarely, sex. At this level, we do not even have long-term connections with others beyond our family unit. Fear is predominant, meaning  that we have very little trust in others. Most individuals at this stage are found in tropical environments doing hunting/gathering and subsistence agriculture. Fishing is also an important source of well-being. When we have a higher WorldView and we engage individuals with a Survival WorldView, it is important to recognize that they have a distrust of everyone and they will not be able to look you in the eye. Mirror the way they are engaging you and they will slowly come around.

  2. Safety and Security is where we become more engaged in trying to get others to do what we want. While fear is predominant, there is a commitment to following the rules in order to feel safe. This can lead to black and white (or literal) interpretations of the rules. Family structures can be compromised when individuals become enmeshed in each other. Herd instinct comes into play so that if you do not agree with the group, you can be made a scapegoat. This compromises a lot of the value of the rules because it suggests that some individuals are beyond the rules. On the other hand, fear keeps individuals from naturally growing and taking advantage of opportunities on their path. When we have a higher WorldView and are dealing with Safety and Security individuals, we need to recognize that their rules matter more than any relationship. We need to find out what the rules are to be effective with them. Some individuals at this level do not even know how to articulate their own rules, which means that you have to observe them to see what creates trauma. Most of the time, any departure from the rules leads to reactions.

  3. Outer Success is when we identify with our possessions, meaning that if we acquire many things making us thing that we must be more important. A lot of us in this stage gain a lot of possessions only to lose them and regain them. This accelerates our lessons so that we learn not to be dependent on things. We also believe that defensive power is the only way to make an impact on those around us. This means that we attract individuals who agree with us and only make alliances when we can make money off of others. Otherwise, everyone is out for themselves and competition rules the day. We want prestige or social-economic success and acknowledgment. We enjoy proving ourselves superior and do not realize that this leads to over-inflated egoic expressions that invite attack. When we are a higher WorldView and working with Outer Success individuals, they need validation about their success. Usually they manifest a degree of narcissism, where they are trying to prove they are much more than even they think they are. Do not get in the way of their self-importance. Acknowledge them for their accomplishments and move on.

  4. Relationship is where we start to realize that we have not taken care of ourselves and that we are attracting no one that sees or gets us. This leads us to ask ourselves who we are as a creative being and what exactly are the ways we want to live our lives. Sometimes we learn this lesson by having a family, which we come to appreciate and deeply love; other times it is about awakening to the possibility that having a better relationship would actually transform us. Initially, we try to create guidelines for what we think improves our relationships, but it is our interactions with others that make these frameworks real. This opens our awareness to seeing how treating others a certain way leads to being treated well ourselves. We also need to learn better conflict remediation skills so we do not take on the issues of our partners or inflict our issues on them. This means that we have to become self-aware as a creative being and not over-identify with our actions, Feelings, Emotions or Thoughts. Eventually, we begin to customize the way we like to interact with others and stretch ourselves to include new ways that work better for us. When we have a higher WorldView and are working with Relationship individuals, it is important that we acknowledge how they are growing in their relationships and the values and virtues they are seeking to manifest. What they will unconsciously respond to is the way we treat them.

  5. Inner Success occurs when we begin to identify ourselves by the contribution we make in a unique way. Rather than trying to do ‘jobs’ defined by others, this means we find a unique way to contribute and define our own jobs that maximize our contribution. It also means we establish our own standards for how we treat the universe, so the universe supports us to the degree we support it. It is all about having a direct connection with our selves and our creativity so we can define our own path. It is our improved quality of relationships that actually makes Inner Success possible. The first phase of this process is that we attract Constituents that want to support us so we do not have to compromise our work. The second aspect of this is that we attract business partners who actually have a high degree of integrity and value what we bring to the table. 

  6. Personality Integration is where we release the angst of our history and accept that the lessons and pain were all necessary to get us to where we wanted to be. Part of the way we heal this is to share our experiences and insights with others so they do not have to be caught in the pain or trauma as long as we were. Another part of the process is to see how well we can do just by listening to the universe. What we discover is that any effort or attachment to particular outcomes creates an obstacle to manifesting that which we want. This means we learn to release all of our fears and Personality Desires in favor of Transpersonal Desires where we work with others to serve larger needs. Personality Integration is also a tuning process where we initially centralize our creativity in relation to our Primary Creative Expression and then work to de-centralize it by sharing it with others.

  7. World Service is the stage we come to when there is nothing left for us to accomplish personally and so we commit ourselves to Universal Intent. We let the universe guide us and seek to serve those around us by integrating and coordinating mutual, transpersonal needs. Some would say that World Service is where our full Creative Nature completely emerges. The irony of this is that we do not seek any personal attention at all. In fact, we feel that any personal attention is distracting from the real intention we have. Some individuals do not know how to relate to others on this level because it becomes truly Impersonal, meaning that we do not engage in personality interactions for their own benefit.

The most important lesson that we can learn from WorldView is to trust individuals only to the degree that they trust themselves. At each level of WorldView, there is a level of consciousness where they know what they can be accountable to. You would not trust an Outer Success individual to manage your money, or a Safety and Security individual to manage your growth process because they do not have the same perspective. Each individual can only be trusted to the degree that they have developed personal mastery over a particular area of their life. When they have this mastery, and we know it, we can trust them. Otherwise, they will apply their consciousness to the circumstances and do what they would do for themselves. This probably will not work for us unless they are operating at our level of WorldView or greater.

WorldView is one of the key tools used to screen others in conscious relationships. When an individual is not close to our WorldView, we need to recognize that we will be the one in charge of the relationship, assuming that they have a lower WorldView. If they have a higher WorldView, they will likely be in charge. That is because they can see more of what is going on around them and people tend to defer to those who have the greatest insights. The higher the WorldView, the more flexibility an individual will have in meeting others of a lower WorldView. One reason we do not choose partners of the same WorldView is because we could feel that we will not be in control. This is true. The thing we need to recognize is that without partnership, we do not optimize our growth, nor do we confront the opportunities that show up. It is better if we choose partners who have our WorldView.

In most areas, Higher Alignment and Ken Wilbur have either come to the same conclusion or are in a parallel process. When it comes to states of consciousness, Higher Alignment breaks down defensive differences, separating them from WorldView. From Higher Alignment’s perspective, this makes the process of identifying where we are and what we are reacting to much cleaner. The usefulness of Ken Wilber’s AQAL model or more correctly (the Spiral Dynamics Integral model) for higher WorldView people gives them a bit more texture and flavor of the opportunities and challenges ahead. Spiral Dynamics focuses on paradigm shifts. The problem is that it does not particularly clarify the patterns of defensive identity that take hold in our day-to-day relationships. Spiral Dynamics seeks to explain the meanings of things. Our defenses describe behavioral patterns that are easily confirmed. Alignment Technologies focuses on people and their practical concerns. Higher Alignment also suggests that it is important to address the defense style differently than our growth processes. Primarily, Defenses slow us down and inhibit the growth of our Creativity. Each Creative Expression has their own method of actualizing themselves, which is a completely separate process.

WorldView is the final Compatibility Factor we are discussing in this document. It permits us now to assess all of our relationships by how they contribute to us. We could start organizing our relationship choices and investments by their natural, creative resonance with us. This would allow us to develop and manifest common strengths with others before dealing with individuals with whom we have major differences. While we have all had many challenging relationships, making these choices consciously, is a new thing. This is not to say we should dump relationships that are not the same, but rather go through an assessment process where we examine the cost/benefit of engaging them.

This Making a Choice chart helps us to think through the cost/benefits of any particular individual. It helps us to understand that every relationship consumes energy, time and space, and generates a degree of Life, Light and Love. We can also talk about our natural attractions to similar lessons in terms of Cellular Affinity, Vibratory Response, and Vibratory Expansion. What we commonly discover is that twenty percent consume eighty percent of our resources. Unless individuals are co-creative with you and can uplift you to some degree, we need to wonder if we could make a better choice. While this does not mean we have to cut off everyone, perhaps placing the intention that we become more able to be supported in the universe would be a reasonable thing. The more we come to recognize that some individuals are not the best investments, the more space we will create by minimizing our association. This will create room for new people to show up.

The Making a Choice chart on one axis, has Primary, Secondary, WorldView and Defensive Patterns, and on the horizontal axis, has the Pacing, Communication Process and Decision-Making Approach, which are major supports in achieving alignment with individuals. Some individuals also have an Overall Compatibility Assessment done, which is a number between one hundred and zero that is calculated using the formulas of Higher Alignment. While this does take into account Compatibility Factors, Motives, Attractions, and Relationship Skills, it does not take into account (other than in a general way) the degree of common life lessons. While these are great tools to start with, over time, you will develop shorthand assessments based on your own perceived strengths and weaknesses. This will make the process much more natural.

It is interesting to recognize that we always make a transition from person to person when we need to. Throughout our life, we have made commitments to people, and we have attempted to live up to them and demonstrate our integrity. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it does not. As we get more conscious, the real benefit is that the integrity becomes real on a mutual level. Many times this is the result of discovering new things about ourselves that we need to pursue that our partner does not want to do. These things can lead to breakups even though we love each other. The whole purpose of this level of growth is to be able to be responsible for our choices on a more conscious level. The first part of this is recognizing when we are not aligned. Let us proceed with as much harmless truth telling as possible.

Case Study #5: Holding A Possibility To See Who Is In Alignment

When Larry started talking about Right Relationships in 1989, it awakened some people and repulsed others. His constituents rallied around the idea that we do not need to be compromised in relationships. It focused on how we could separate ourselves from our conditioning and Defenses, and could affirm who we were creatively with partners. Some people identified with a part of this process while others took what they needed to solve their existing problems in relationships, so there was no common embodiment. This fragmented and minimized the unity of the group so that it could not become conscious in itself. This is the common problem that exists in most organizations. Over time, Higher Alignment has experienced waves of interest, as people learned about an opportunity and then sought to implement it in their lives. Teaching this process has been a long-term endeavor because it has required a shift in Context, where people re-examine their current circumstances. The primary shift they make is from a personality relationship focus to a co-creative partnership focus. The result is that they have started to name their experience and talk about their patterns of engagement and disengagement. Some have succeeded in creating aligned relationships. Others have found it hard to make the transition.

By declaring a Mission with a larger Context, we challenge our student constituents to step beyond their comfort zones so that they become more resourceful in manifesting what they want. We have established core values to help us manifest this vision and, therefore, embody the very types of behavior we want to encourage in our constituents. We strive to use Common Neutral Ground in all of our activities and conversations. We have realized the limitations of Objectification, Subjectification and Idealization, where we need to stretch the Common Ground in order to be harmless. This does not mean that we are perfect or that we do not make mistakes. It means that we endeavor to minimize these distortions and clean them up when required.

We have expanded what we do in the world. We started with relationship transformation and have added Authentic Life Expression, organizational development and new employee selection so that team building can function well. While we have stumbled, we have plans to address parenting and understanding childhood development for parental, academic and teacher populations. We have instituted training programs for facilitators and coaches to become certified in all these areas. Eventually, we will work in casting plays, movies and TV shows as well as providing assessments in the legal arenas regarding lawyers, judges and juries. We have spent the last 20 years building roadmaps and structures to empower transformation in these areas. 

Many individuals have developed relationships with Larry to co-define certain areas of this work. Some of these partnerships have become very successful collaborations. Others, for a number of reasons, have not matured or developed as strongly. We have learned that it is necessary for every coach and facilitator candidate to take responsibility for their own power to choose Higher Alignment as their Authentic Life Expression. Some have been prepared and some have not.  Individuals who could not step into this possibility became obstacles for the ongoing development of the organization. We learned about the impact of Objectification, Subjectification and Idealization in the group. Now we have coalesced a strong executive team and a number of Co-creative Partnerships working together more as a group. As this occurs, the Common Neutral Ground in the group is beginning to emerge to become more unified in its ability to bring out the best while minimizing the worst. The organization is finding its own Authentic Life Expression.

Our next step as a group is to transcend the information and Content in order to embody the Path. We are in the process of doing this by making all basic definitions, structures and information freely accessible on the web. What is important is to give meaning to our constituents’ life lessons so they can engage the best solutions possible. As part of this process, we are now creating training programs that reflect different tracks of development so that we can plan where we want to go without difficulty. What we have done is to create an Intent and structure that matches our Context and Vision. Over the next two years, Higher Alignment will see a blossoming of its coach and facilitator programs as our practitioners embody the lessons they seek to teach. While the breadth of development of Higher and Creative Alignment has taken a lot longer to focus than we originally estimated, we believe our capacity to contribute to the Universe is now much greater. These embodiment stages of Common Neutral Ground reflect our ability to respond to the needs of those around us by better defining the process. How are you making your contribution?

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