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Authentic Life Expression

Our Authentic Nature emerges because we do not define ourselves or play games seeking the approval of others. This becomes more obvious when we expect others to affirm themselves by doing what they say they will do. Sometimes, just to make or keep connections with others operating on the Personality level, we will acknowledge their contributions and make sure they are seen. This is just to be harmless and to appreciate the processes they themselves are going through. The purpose of this is to build the skills of others so that they can see themselves. Personality level individuals can recognize Creative individuals by the Personality they demonstrate. This is not meant as a slight, but rather an acknowledgement that their connection is more Creative than Personal. Creatively affirmed individuals are defined by themselves and their contribution and do not need the agreement of others. This is particularly true when these individuals are not true, energetic Constituents.

There are two different types of Creative Alignment: Creative Alignment based on Compatibility Factors, Motives, Attractions and Skills versus Creative Alignment that is based on having a similar creative contribution, usually with overlapping Constituents and similar BodyTypes. The first definition of Creative Alignment is a feminine one. Here the more similarities we have in terms of how we interact with another, shows that we will have advantages in understanding, appreciating and acknowledging what is important. The second definition is a task-oriented, masculine one that has to do with mutual accomplishment of common objectives where we have exactly the right expertise and skills to make an impactful contribution with another. The first one is primarily used in romantic relationships to determine who is best for us. The second is primarily used in business relationships where we bond in order to maximize our mutual success. There are some situations where individuals are fortunate to have both simultaneously, particularly when they have the same Primary Creative Expressions.

Many of us do not know our true Authentic Life Expression. This is because we have not yet embodied, or looked at our life through the lens of our Primary Creative Expression.  Instead, we have let our Security and Safety concerns keep us trapped in work that is not fulfilling. At Level 4, we remedy this. We begin to appreciate how we need to step up and fully engage opportunities that come our way. More importantly, we need to create new opportunities in areas that interest or intrigue us. The primary objective of this stage is to create a sense of joy in our life that magnifies over time. There are three ways to accomplish this: 1) create a fulfilling contribution that allows us to do exactly what we are designed to do; 2) create personal relationships that provide co-creative opportunities to participate in all of life’s activities; and 3) build a community of like-minded individuals where we can be supported and feel capable of making contributions to them.

How we manifest our ALE is by honoring and loving our authentic nature, identifying who our constituents are, and clearly identifying our contribution as either a product or service. Our Compatibility Factors help us identify our authentic nature, and we have introduced a number of them in this document. Second, our constituents can be identified by their Compatibility Factors, as well as by other basic demographics. All we have to do to begin our assessment process is summarize the characteristics of the people who want to help us make a particular contribution. Finally, by taking the combination of what we do well and combining it with what others want us to do, we can refine it into a product or service that will make a difference. It is important to recognize that what distinguishes a career from our ALE is the fact that we are defining it completely outside of the assumptions and conventional wisdom that society dictates about what constitutes a job or position. This opens the door to using new terminology and building solutions that meet current needs.

The obstacles to doing this are what we have spoken about in the previous three levels. We could minimize our Intent and just not take action, because it seems too unknown or difficult. This is the result of Objectification patterns where we feel we need to choose safe options and are uncomfortable being in a growth situation. We might also confuse our Content by fixating on what we have been taught rather than what we know we would naturally be good at. This is the result of Subjectification patterns, where we think we need to have a degree or certification to do a particular job. While some certifications may be appropriate, it should come from our natural passion of understanding how to make something happen, not based on proving what we know. Finally, we may deny our Context, and by so doing, sabotage our ability to see the big picture, preventing us from doing a particular job or service as effectively as someone else. This is the result of Idealization of a fantasy rather than the reality of what the job entails. It is ironic that often our imagination limits our creative thinking when we become fixated on it.

The solutions to these obstacles are to increase our Aliveness, expand our Wisdom and learn how to be aware moment to moment. Just like with relationships, Excitement, Intensity and Anxiety are detrimental to discovering and engaging our ALE. At some point, we need to take responsibility for doing things in a way that makes the most sense to us. This means letting go of much of the conventional wisdom or beliefs about what makes a job great. Instead, we want to answer this for ourselves by looking at what brings us the most joy. Paradoxically, many of the most traumatic aspects of our lives will turn out to have major contributions to our ALE. Usually, by turning around our traumas and repurposing them so they can contribute to us, they end up becoming contributions to others. Therefore, it is a recommendation that we look for inspiration in what makes us happy, and what makes us uncomfortable.

Service is another way to engage our Authentic Life Expression. Being of service means we are not attached to an outer form or presentation of what we should contribute, but rather seeking out opportunities to be of value. By letting our nose guide us, we discover where we have a natural joyful response to particular types of activities. We also receive feedback from others that sometimes guides us to a fulfilling way of interacting with them. We can also use this technique in reverse when we find ourselves in situations where we do not have a connection to what we are doing. Disconnection is an indication that this is not the right place to be! In service, we always have a connection to the people we are serving. This allows us to receive feedback about what we are doing for them. This supports incremental improvements where we get better and better at what we are offering.

Through Personality Integration We Manifest Co-Creation

Personality Integration is the acceptance of our Compatibility Pattern fully under the direction of our Creative Self. It begins when we stop using our Secondary Expression as our go to expression, and instead anchor all of our perceptions in terms of our Primary Expression. When the Secondary and Mental Body Expressions serve at the pleasure of our Primary, our Defenses, Pretenses, and Imprinting all diminish. Until this happens, our Creative Expression is partial, unbalanced and incomplete. This is primarily caused by the Primary Expression not unifying all the elements, and secondarily by the Defensive Distortions causing chaos and reactions. As we eliminate each Defensive Distortion, we become more clear, more passionate and present. The need to seek agreement with others is diminished as we consciously take charge of our Destiny.

Another resource for exploring the seven Creative Expressions, known as the Seven Rays in the Bailey work, is the work of Dr. Michael Robbins. He is a dedicated and committed integrator of the Alice Bailey teachings and has written several seminal works outlining the theory and higher level practices necessary for integrating ourselves as Creative Beings. As the founder of the Seven Ray Institute, he has created annual conferences expanding and outlining the body of work initially proposed by Djwhal Khul. He has also attracted a group that has tested and applied the Bailey work in new areas. An index of free articles on the site articulates their experience and results. To find out more about the Seven Ray Institute, their classes, conferences and training programs, check with them directly. While Higher Alignment focuses on practical verification and being able to see these patterns within people, Michael Robbins focuses more on what needs to be understood about the Seven Rays. He has also been able to tie in the Seven Rays with a new form of Soul Astrology. You can find free pdfs of Michael Robbins’ books at

J.P. Van Hulle essentially clarified and popularized a channeled body of information about the Seven Creative Expressions operating on two levels. In many ways the Michael System information parallels the Alice Bailey work. It is a great model for acknowledging our own personal identity and several of the frameworks for identifying differences and similarities in people. Several of the factors provided a way to frame the Higher Alignment approach, even though we have changed several of the premises based on hard-won experience. One of the main differences between the Michael Teachings and Higher Alignment is the focus on what it means to be in relationship and how to take responsibility for having the right kind of relationships. The Michael System is focused purely on our own expression and believes we should be ourselves under all circumstances. It does not provide a layered understanding of what the lessons of relationships are, nor does it suggest ways to reconcile differences. You can find out more about this philosophy at the Michael Education Foundation.

In the diagram below, The Embodiment Process, we see how Transmuting Excitement into Aliveness on a personal level (1) takes us out of Safety Reactions and Objectification so we can express our Intent and Aliveness. This happens on a Transpersonal level (7) by bonding with others to produce Synergistic Action. When we Transform Intensity into Wisdom on a personal level (2) takes us out of Security Positions and Subjectification so we can express our Content and Deeper Insights. This happens on a Transpersonal level (6) by bonding with others to produce Mutual Learning. Transmuting Anxiety into Awareness on a personal level (3) takes us out of Co-Dependence to Co-Measurement and Idealization so we can express our Context and capacity to Co-Create. This happens on a Transpersonal level (5) by bonding with others to produce Co-Embodiment. The fulcrum of this process where we shift from individualized personal identity to cooperative, co-creative manifestation with others is Level 4, Personality Integration. In these higher levels, what was personally anchored through Intent, Content and Context, became transpersonal by the ability to share experiences. The result is greater Life, Light and Love expression.

A summary of the Seven Steps of CNG Embodiment reveals that we start with transmuting Excitement into Aliveness by overcoming Safety reactions. This allows us to choose partners who are not parental substitutes. We then move into Level 2 by transforming Intensity into Wisdom in order to neutralize Security positions. This allows us to recognize our larger Truth and release our identification with masculine and feminine defensive patterns. On Level 3, we transform Anxiety into Awareness by becoming more aligned with potential partners. We discover the power of Co-Measurement. This leads us to taking ownership of our creativity and recognizing that the Creative Expression of others is critical to our well-being and Growth. This leads to Level 5, where we now discuss Co-Embodiment, because we have shifted into Transpersonal ways of interacting.

In the diagram above there are three obstacles on the left side that are neutralized by solutions on the right side. Life Energy and Aliveness neutralize Objectification patterns, where our ability to see Beauty is compromised. Light Energy and Wisdom neutralize Subjectification patterns, where our capacity to tell the Truth is compromised. Love Energy and Awareness neutralize Idealization issues, where our capacity to affirm Goodness and Love is greatly minimized and fragmented. The transition that makes this possible is to shift from a Safety and Security, seeking a personality framework to identify with our Creative Self. The more we understand, accept and express our natural gifts, the more we can contribute to the world in a way that evokes our destiny.

As you will notice in the diagram, the circle goes counter-clockwise, which affirms Life, Light and Love. The first three levels help us anchor ourselves, but also affirm our need to Transmute, Transform, and Transfigure our experiences. The more we become conscious, the more we start to centralize ourselves around our Creative Expression. This process of Unification begins the path of return where we move into the last three levels, where our Transpersonal expression of contribution can be made. While U.S. society fixates on the first three levels, due to their need for individuation, the largest opportunity for growth comes as we become Transpersonal and can work together in unity. What becomes apparent is that the left side initial levels are mirror images of their right side counterparts. This points out that there is a unification process as we externally accept our new internal reality. For example, Level 1, where we let go of Excitement, is confirmed on Level 7, where Aliveness is completely ascendant. Each of the level pairings will go through an energetic reassembly, not only in terms of modalities, but also in terms of our perspective and how we can contribute to the world.

Being selective about making creative invitations is what distinguishes this Level. We are seeking those individuals who respond to our transpersonal nature by being transpersonal with us. This creates opportunities to work together and create interactions that are synergistic. When we have multiple people using this approach together we can change the direction of the planet. This is not just some utopian fantasy, because it starts right now in our partner selection, the teams we work with and the purpose or mission we share. In the near future, we will start being repulsed by those who do not share our direction or intention. This is the result of our increasing clarity about what we do best. We learn through experience that only a percentage of our invitations can be met. Most individuals need to have shifted into their Creative Nature and be implementing some form of Authentic Life Expression for a response to be clear and complete. What others are actually doing is tuning into whether they feel aligned with our invitation. When we possess Creative Clarity we will increasingly take responsibility for making sure the invitations we make are actually clear specifications of how we expect to interact with others. CNG will be the framework for this declaration. People who do not have a CNG will be left behind.

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