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Audio and Video Webinar Team

The Audio and Video Webinar Team is responsible for capturing the content and making it available to a larger community. While we are based in Boulder, Colorado, our constituents are worldwide. This has required us to continually upgrade our audio, video and internet equipment so that we can serve constituents anywhere they are, and our A/V team has been tireless in keeping up with and adapting to these changes.

Ivan Efert is our videographer and has been around this work for over ten years.

Nancy Orr is a relative newcomer, having been in our work for a little over a year.  She is currently one of the Webinar Managers, who integrates the video and sound for each class.

Steve Hudek is another one of our technical Webinar team, and has been responsible in the past for recording and video presentations.

Brian Young is our Master Webinar Manager, who has carried the ball while Joanne Mann currently works on other projects.

Anna Karin was one of our technical Webinar team and is currently working on post-production and editing so that products can be developed from the original events. 

Joanne Mann was our original Master Webinar Manager and is now doing a variety of special projects.

Roger House is our Webinar Manager Emeritus, having struggled through the first year of our webinars with difficult technology integration problems.

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