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For Business, Authentic Life Expression and Relationships (Singles, Couples & Families). Alignment Technologies is a comprehensive framework for understanding human development. Explains why certain behaviors, motivations, and relationships are effective, while others limit growth. It focuses on the meaning of patterns so they can be tracked back to their source.

Recognizing Compatibility Factors

Everyone operates on a continuum of options of which only a few are natural. The more conscious we become about these patterns, the less reactive we act. Choosing partners who are similar to our parent’s patterns may be Exciting, but unconscious fears undermine the relationship. Choosing Attractive Opposites empowers intensity, but not Wisdom. This changes when we look for similarities in Compatibility Factors.

Seeing Differences In Motives & Intentions

Motives are reason we do what we do. Why not identify the partners that are committed to the same things? Now we can easily identify those that match the same Fears and Desires as us. We can appreciate another who possesses the same degree of maturity. Why not work with others who are committed to the same aspirations? Why not identify the best partners who can easily align with us?

Transforming Attractions Into Conscious Lessons

Attractions indicate what is driving our life energy focus. Excitement indicates how fears are interfering with our desires. Intensity indicates how our desires are overwhelming our fears. Anxiety indicates that we are attempting to free ourselves from our Fears and Desires. Learn how we go beyond unconscious fixed Attractions so that we can select attractions that will maximize growth.

Discovering Conscious Ways To Creatively Connect

There are twelve ways to create communion with our partners. We call these Relationship Skills Aliveness, Wisdom, Growth, Playfulness, Personality Detachment, Autonomy, Paradox, Intuitive Discrimination, Intimacy, Mutual Learning, Physical Discernment, and Co-Creativity. Each Relationship Skill is a doorway to consciously unify with partners.

Enriching Relationships

The more we know about ourselves, the better our understanding of what would work for us. Five frameworks to predict the best practice, likely outcome and limitation in any relationship. Redefine & Support Current Relationships Based Upon Who We Are Or Choose New Partners Using Higher Alignment Tools. Learn about what you have been missing.

Teaching Others How To Engage Partners Consciously

We invite individuals who complete Alignment Technologies programs to become Certified Coaches and Facilitators. Our Inner Seeing classes train individuals and couples to recognize the patters of relationship so we can take ownership of the kinds of relationships we want in our lives.

Understanding Differences and Similarities With Others

We invite you to playfully consider our perception of you as initiating a dialogue for personal self-discovery. We accomplish this by explaining the various ways people operate so you can choose friends, lovers and business associates that can meet you in a way that works.What we discover is how predictable different patterns can be. Our problem is usually that we avoid the best romantic partners and even limit our interactions to a very selective group of individuals. Each person has a natural, creative, authentic way of being in the world. Often, in the process of growing up, we lose this connection to our authentic self.When people get locked into ways of being that are not natural for them, others often ignore them. We invite you to explore and choose what is authentic or inauthentic based on the aliveness, wisdom and awareness, this process generates.

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Alignment Technologies

Higher Alignment Programs

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See & Acknowledge Patterns

A Description of a Pattern of Behaviors. The objective of Higher Alignment is to become conscious of our Creative Patterns so we do not end up unconsciously projecting them onto others.

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A major benefit of reading this site is becoming familiar with new possibilities, previously unimagined by us in relationships. This is called Re-Orientation where we engage the larger Context

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Creative Assessment

A full Creative Assessment is comprised of 15 Compatibilities factors. A Mini Assessment, where we cover the seven main Compatibility factors, is the best way to start to process at a very low price.

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What Questions Are Important In Making Creative Pattern Assessments

Since the purpose of making an assessment is to make better choices in our current relationships or in choosing new relationships, the following questions are important:

For Existing Relationships

  • How similar or different are our compatibility factors?
  • What works and does not work in our interactions?
  • Where do we experience our weaknesses?
  • What can we do to best improve our current relationships?

An In-person assessment is more accurate than just looking at a picture. Being physically present helps a Coach sort out imprinted, parental patterns from an individual's authentic expression.

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